Top toilet paper manufacturer says it's rolling to meet demand

Described by the BBC as the "loo roll boss", Tony Richards is the operations director at one of the world's largest manufacturers of toilet paper. They are ramping up to meet demand, he says, and promises that there'll be plenty available should the coronavirus pandemic continue to deepen.

Many people in the UK have been stockpiling toilet paper in anticipation of isolation measures.

But there's plenty of toilet paper to go round, and capacity to make more – so there's no need to panic, says Tony Richards of Essity at the company's factory in Salford.

Filmed by Justin Oliver. Produced by Niall-James Convery and Chris Robinson. Edited by Dougal Shaw

The enormous toilet roll in the above screengrab is called the "Mother Reel" — I'm not making this up — and will be portioned into 10,000 baby rolls for the cleanliness and comfort of your anus.