NYC Mayor De Blasio declares State of Emergency over coronavirus outbreak

NYC mayor: 95 confirmed coronavirus cases, 42 just since yesterday

New York mayor Bill deBlasio today declared a state of emergency over the coronavirus pandemic in the city of New York. The state has already been under a state of emergency.

Mayor deBlasio said there are 95 confirmed coronavirus cases, and 42 new ones just since yesterday — testing has been severely limited, so the presumed number of actual cases is much higher.

"It is time now to declare a state of emergency in New York City," the mayor said, shortly after 4:00PM Eastern time.

"The last 24 hours have been very very sobering."

"We know this will have a serious impact on a number of businesses," concerts, and sporting events, he said in a live address. It's "gonna be a hole in our lives… but it's something we have to do."