Want a coronavirus test? It's easy – just be rich, famous, or powerful

Coronavirus tests are hard to come by, but like all rare things in high demand, rich and famous people are first in line. Actually, there is no line for VIPs – nurses in protective gear come to them to swab their privileged snouts.

From Herald-Mail Media:

In Beverly Hills, Dr. David Nazarian, a primary care physician, said he's been receiving an influx of calls since the coronavirus outbreak hit the U.S.

But because he has a concierge medical practice — meaning he limits his clientele to "influential people, A-list celebrities, and CEOs" in exchange for more personalized care — he has been granting tests only to his existing clients.

Nazarian's yearly membership fee starts at $5,500 and can go up to $10,000.

About a month ago, when COVID-19 cases were still primarily occurring overseas, Nazarian began looking into obtaining extra nasopharyngeal swabs and viral transport mediums — the materials needed to test for the coronavirus. As a result, he had about 50 available for his patients, which were administered during house calls by nurses wearing protective gear.

Photo by James Bold on Unsplash