Gentleman who was filmed buying every piece of meat from a supermarket is super sorry now

A man filmed at a Canada supermarket loading up two grocery carts with meat now express regret for his actions.

After internet sleuths identified him and people on social media started shaming him, the man defended himself by telling a reporter from Castanet: "If me and my girlfriend had done this two months ago nobody would say a bloody word. We're getting crucified for buying two carts of meat. We might have gone overboard, but we didn't push people or laugh at anyone."

When his apology failed to quiet the mob, he tried again. Vice reports the man spoke to Castanet a second time, "claiming that he has a mental disorder that caused him to literally take every single package and every possible cut of meat from the supermarket. 'I was driven by fear and concern for my loved ones. I had no idea I would get this kind of reaction,' he said, adding that he feels 'all alone' because he is currently in self-quarantine."