Trump's biz tweets video of pro golfer John Daly who suggests drinking 1 bottle of vodka daily will 'kill' coronavirus (IT WILL NOT)

According to the suggestions of a professional golfer whose video was tweeted today by Donald Trump's companies, drinking an entire bottle of vodka every day will 'kill' coronavirus. There's only one problem with this advice: it is not true, and may harm you.

Here's the original video.

Drinking alcohol does not provide any protection against coronavirus and COVID-19, according to the World Health Organization. Heavy drinking can weaken the immune system, says the WHO.


Trump's golf business has been posting videos to Twitter in which home-bound pro golfers, including Daly, praise Trump's courses as their "home away from home." Daly played golf with the president in the summer and visited the White House in 2017.

In his video, first reported by Golfweek, the famously hard-living and hard-drinking golfer said he hoped that viewers would "be healthy and be smart," and that they could return to playing golf again soon.

Then Daly continued: "But I kind of got a cure for this. I only drink one drink a day, it just happens to be a bottle. Of good old Belvedere." He showed the camera a full bottle of the Polish vodka.

"You know, you just drink one of these a day — you know, sippy-sippy on a little McDonald's Diet Coke, you know, wash it down pretty good. Never have a hangover," Daly said. He held up a McDonald's to-go cup. "And that's the way you kill this coronavirus, I believe."


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