Trump says U.S. national parks to reopen soon, no details given

Impeached U.S. president Donald Trump says his administration plans to soon reopen the country's national parks and other public lands, with details to be announced on specific sites in coming days.

"We will begin to open our national parks and public lands for the American people to enjoy," Trump announced at an Earth Day event at the White House, offering no further information.

Some national parks have actually remained open throughout the whole COVID-19 pandemic, but many have been closed.

Here is the White House announcement.

Gotta get some God in there.

Here is a statement from Trump's acting secretary of the Interior.

From Reuters:

Representatives for the White House referred questions to the Department of Interior, which oversees public lands, including federal parks.

"More details will be provided in the coming days on plans for the reopening of specific parks following guidance from OMB (Office of Management and Budget) and the President's plan for Opening Up America Again," representatives for the department said in a statement.

Trump's comment comes as some U.S. states move forward with plans to restart economic activity as soon as this week despite concern from public health officials and others about the potential for a spike in coronavirus cases.

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