Guns N' Roses to release a new book about a child who is sweet and belongs to the narrator

From People:

PEOPLE has an exclusive first look at the cover of Sweet Child O'Mine, an upcoming picture book the band created in collaboration with James Patterson that takes the lyrics of Guns N' Roses' song of the same name and spins it into a story perfect for the littlest fans.

"As a longtime fan of Guns N' Roses, I'm thrilled to partner with the band in bringing their famed hit song to life on the page," Patterson, 73, says in a release.

The book is illustrated by Jennifer Zivion, and will be available in September at whatever book retailers still exist by then.

Guns N' Roses to Release Children's Picture Book Titled (What Else?) Sweet Child O' Mine [Jen Juneau and Sarah Michaud / PEOPLE]