Even Fox wonders if Trump might drop out of November's presidential election

Fox host Trace Gallagher questioned today whether, with Trump's miserable poll numbers (the national polls' average currently has Trump at 56.2 disapproval, 40.4 approval, according to FiveThirtyEight), he "might drop out" of the November presidential race.

Speaking to former New Hampshire Governor John Sununu, a Republican, Trace added that the "vast majority of Americans" are "not happy with the way the US is handling the coronavirus pandemic."

Sununu says there's "no chance" Trump will drop out, but that Trump is "going to be judged in November, not on how the pandemic was handled from January until now. They're going to be judged on how it's handled between now and the election."

Sununu then has advice for Trump: "Stop saying the virus is going to go away — let people know that this is a real second wave, let them know there may be a third wave."

Via Raw Story