Spend a relaxing hour watching this amazing art restoration

Julian Baumgartner has been sharing wonderful videos of his amazing art restorations, including one of his most ambitious projects ever, the restoration of a copy of Guido Reni's masterpiece L'Aurora. Spend an hour watching a master of his craft transform this work.

Julian notes:

Though the artist is unknown it was clearly executed with great skill and for a copy the scale is rather impressive. The same cannot be said about its condition. Having suffered water damage there is a tremendous amount of paint loss and what paint remains is perilously attached to the canvas. Several massive holes, tears, and canvas losses have also threatened the structural integrity of the work. Suffice it to say this will be a magnum opus of conservation.

Here's part 2:

Soo00o satisfying! Lots of great stuff on their Instagram, too:

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Most of the paintings on which I work were made by artists who are longe dead. Every now and again I receive contemporary works that need attention. Such was the case let year when I received a roll of paintings from Amoako Boafo. These works were so fresh that when they were rolled dust and dirt embedded into the paint layer. Luckily we got to them before they bonded to the paint and became permanent. It was a painstaking process to remove the dirt but it made all the difference. Little did I know that these works were the darling of Art Basel Miami and that Boafo is rocketing to international art fame 🤷‍♂️ . . Amoako Boafo is a painter, born in Accra, Ghana, based in Vienna, Austria. Boafo's portrait paintings are enticing in their lucidity, accentuating the figures in each work, who are regularly isolated on single color backgrounds, their gaze the focal point of each work.  The brushstrokes are thick and gestural, the contours of the body's almost soften into abstraction. The most well known of his series, the Black Diaspora portraits serve as a means of celebration of his identity and Blackness. Boafo emphasizes, "The primary idea of my practice is representation, documenting, celebrating and showing new ways to approach blackness." Much of his work is inspired by his upbringing, commenting on how males are raised to be aggressive and masculine, which he challenges in his works. Although the artists underlying messages are quite intense, there is a certain softness to the works as a whole, the poses are serene and the skin luminous. . . Text from marianeibrahim.com/

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Image: YouTube / Baumgartner Restoration