Watch a live feed as 250,000 bikers come to annual Sturgis Rally

I've been watching this live feed of Main Street in Sturgis South Dakota, home of the famous annual motorcycle congregation. The street is already filled with parked motorcycles, and I have not seen anyone wearing a mask yet. It will be interesting to visit this live feed from time to time over the weekend as more people pour in.

From Chron:

"This is a huge, foolish mistake to make to host the rally this year," Sturgis resident Linda Chaplin warned city counselors earlier this summer, as a debate raged, according to the AP. "The government of Sturgis needs to care most for its citizens."

"My grandma is absolutely terrified because she has diabetes and is in her 80s and has lupus," another resident told CNN. "If she gets it, it's a death sentence."

But the spectacle in South Dakota's Black Hills is hugely important to the local economy, bringing in $1.3 million in city and state tax revenue last year, according to the Argus Leader. A mayor's letter overviewing Sturgis describes how the city "comes alive" with half a million visitors during a typical August rally, suddenly transformed into "the largest community in the state" with concerts and races.