Florida sheriff bans police and staff from wearing masks on the job

Florida man, or in this case, Florida Sheriff Billy Woods announced a no-mask order to his staff on Tuesday. That's right – the deputies and staff of Marion County are forbidden to wear a mask on duty.

If anyone complains, he told his staff to "politely and professionally tell them 'I am not required to wear a mask—nor will I, per the Order of the Sheriff' and then walk away from them," according to WFTV-TV.

But there's more. He is also forbidding visitors to the sheriff's office from wearing a mask "so they can be easily identified and there is clear communication," according to AP.

Meanwhile, AP reports that Florida had more than 8,100 new cases on Wednesday, 550,000 total cases, and 213 deaths in one day.

And, according to HuffPost, Marion county, which has a population of only 370,00 people, has had appoximately 6,800 Covid-19 infections and a total of Covid-related 170 deaths.

The final kicker? From HuffPost:

"Ironically, Marion reported a single-day record of 13 deaths on Tuesday, the same day the sheriff declared deputies could not wear masks.

"In addition, 43 sheriff's office employees and more than 200 inmates at the Marion County Jail have tested positive for the coronavirus so far." 

Image: U.S. Dept of Homeland Security/Flickr