The short film "Fork" gets real trippy real fast

"Fork" by Optical Arts starts off simple enough, but then forks, mugs, and stools quickly become fantastical shape-shifting forms. The filmmakers pose some inane rhetorical questions about the work on their site, but for those with non-inane questions about how it was made, they have substantive answers:

The film has been made using a combination of Maya and Houdini and was rendered in Redshift. All shots were then composited in Nuke and Flame and graded using Resolve.

The procedural approach of Houdini made it the perfect tool to create this project.

While developing some R&D we were able to quickly sketch ideas and seamlessly test dynamic behaviour. Animation was achieved through a mixture of physic based simulation alongside some more manual bespoke procedural setup.

Image: YouTube / Optical Arts