Deepfaked DeNiro looks more convincing than The Irishman's award-winning CG

Barely a year-on from the award-winning "de-aged" Robert DeNiro of The Irishman, it seems clear that deepfaking it creates a superior result—one so good it not only shows how the original effort fell short, but what it is about age that simply cannot be smoothed away.

Deepfake the whole thing release it on pirate bay!

I figure that the improvement here over older deepfakes is that the replacement face is matched better to the underlying physiognomy; deepfakes tend to swim or slide around in ways that are subtle but visibly unnatural.

For example, just six months ago, a similar effort to deepfake Peter Cushing over Rogue One's iffy CGI Moff Tarkin doesn't quite escape the uncanny valley:

Nonetheless, it's obviously better, and hard to image that it won't now be offically brought to bear on Hollywood productions.