Katharina Grosse turned this historic museum floor into a 3D painting

German artist Katharina Grosse has a current exhibition called "It Wasn't Us" that turned the Historic Hall of Hamburger Bahnhof – Museum für Gegenwart in Berlin into a giant colorful form that spills outside. Turn on CC for English subtitles.

Via Art at Berlin:

The artist's latest in situ painting disregards the boundaries of the museum space in a grand and colourful gesture: "I painted my way out of the building", said Grosse in relation to her work. Over the course of several weeks a vast new painting has emerged that stretches across the Historic Hall and into public space, over the extensive grounds behind the museum and finally landing on the façade of the so-called Rieckhallen which were inaugurated as a part of the museum complex in 2004. Grosse's kaleidoscopic painting brings together colours and forms, natural and man-made surroundings and its visitors as participants in an allencompassing, pulsating interaction of hues. As the boundaries between objects and constructed space, and between horizontal and vertical orientations begin to melt away, new spaces emerge that are both artificial and ripe with associations, yet at the same time completely real and wholly abstract, forcing us to renegotiate our habitual ways of seeing, of thinking about, and of perceiving the world around us.

Image: YouTube / Staatliche Museen zu Berlin