#Vanlife: The Empire Strikes Back

Yesterday I drove a new-to-me white 2012 Ford F150 V8 work truck from LA to San Francisco to see my daughter and deliver her bicycle plus other summer beach stuffs that were abandoned in the dead Vanagon.

The truck is like a giant living room that never need stop for gas! Electra and I were able to take puppy pee breaks in pleasant places to let her walk, instead of a gas station. I still have 1/3+ of a tank of gas left and the average highway speed was likely north of 75mph. Mileage, while still not the 27mpg of an economical Porsche 911, was still a lot better than Volkswagen's famous "fuck aerodynamics! We can push a brick thru the air!" design.

While Ford has sponsored Boing Boing in the past, the only Ford I've ever owned was a 1965 Galaxie 500 convertible. While fantastic for the soul it was hard to keep running.

My daughter wants a teardrop trailer. Electra loves riding in the cab. Pretzel misses riding on top of the sink in the VW, but can sleep anywhere.

It'll do.