End #vanlife

It was the best of vans,

It was the worst of vans.

From Vancouver to Los Cabos, I explored the west coast of North America in that van.

My daughter's childhood memories will be filled with camping trips all over Northern California in that van. She named it Serendipity and stuck each sticker on the back window for us.

I fell in love in that van.

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Via my sister

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Last July, my dog Nemo died in that van. I never slept in it again.

In February, when I took possession of my new home the transmission let go. I had long expected it, and she got me home. I picked the wrong shop to rebuild it and a few miles north of Santa Barbara airport she suffered a catastrophic failure.

Having just restored a 1902 craftstman shotgun shack I lacked the energy. A very good, life long friend of mine had long wanted to do a ground up restoration of that van.

I let him have it for a song.