The interview that brought down an Irish political legend

This fascinating mini-documentary describes the downfall of Irish politician Pádraig Flynn, who gave a bizarre interview to broadcaster Gay Byrne in 1999 that drew all the threads of his career and his party into a fuse and lit it without a second thought. As it is with the best of these things, it's not really one thing said that makes the moment, but the marvelous convergence of persona, performance and pericombobulation.

On January 15th 1999, former EU commissioner Pádraig Flynn gave a terrible interview on the Irish TV program, The Late Late Show. The ramifications of which are still being felt to this day.

A point well-made by the narrator is that Byrne's affable, beguiling style is more effective at leading Flynn to the slaughter than the combative and scornful efforts of some modern interviewers.