Facebook announces plans to make a new Facebook that's basically the same as what Facebook was originally

From Forbes:

Facebook launched a new 'Facebook Campus' feature Thursday that aims to connect college students with their campus communities, returning the social network to its initial college-only roots as students across the country contend with virtual learning and decreased opportunities for face-to-face socializing amid the continuing Covid-19 pandemic.

Minus the COVID-19 specifics, this is … exactly what Facebook was when it first launched. Zuckerberg made a website to rate hot girls, opened it up to other colleges (but only colleges) as MySpace Lite But Only For The Cool Kids With The Right Collegiate Email Addresses, then it went public and gradually destroyed Western civilization over the course of a decade, and now he's bringing it right back to its roots.

What a stupid time to be alive.

Facebook Announces New Campus Pages To Connect College Students Amid Coronavirus [Alison Durkee / Forbes]

Image: Public Domain via Needpix