433% mechanical keyboard

I'm fond of 40% keyboards—the Vortex 40 is a great place to start if you're curious (and also you can buy it right now, rather than waiting three years for a group buy to drop). But what if you hate minimalism? What if you're a maximalist? Behold Ren Rose's astonishing 433% keyboard, made for people who really like keys.

IT IS FINALLY (mostly) COMPLETED. If anyone has ever heard directly from God Himself, the conception of this keyboard was definitely the message. 450 keys of solid non-mx-browness and 433% the size of a normal full size, what more could you ask for? This keyboard fits 2 (two) full football fields on it {diagram on page 9 of your textbooks}. and um yeah thats kinda it idk can you see it there isnt much to say. {and yes for anyone who is new, i know the images load slow, im using some jankery just bear with it plz and ty}

Ortholinear too.