How Much Electricity Can Kill You?

Spoken Word with Electronics is an audio series delivering to you a two side recording of unusual stories paired with vintage modular electronic sounds

Greetings, everyone. Welcome back to the show. This week, survival and home safety is on our mind, and the discussion is on THE FATAL CURRENT! (Including this article from 1966, which advises you to not wear wet shoes, or a soaking wet robe, when working near electricity) There's a lot of misconceptions about how electricity becomes deadly. Appliances around the house are JUST as dangerous, or SAFE, as large electrical sources. For example, a static shock can be thousands of VOLTS but lacks the CURRENT to kill you. So we discuss the difference between voltage and current, the fun rule about how your hands can complete a circuit across your heart (don't try it) and include a basic primer on Ohm's Law. A fun discussion, including my own electrical injury at age ten, which nearly became a cautionary tale, titled: "Death By Alarm Clock".

SPOKEN WORD WITH ELECTRONICS #24: How Much Electricity Can Kill You?

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Thanks and have a good week, Ethan