How Google Search Trends for "white supremacists" and "Antifa" have changed in the last 4 years

Social Media Researcher Erin Gallagher put this short video together, showing when Google Trends have spiked for "white nationalists" and "white supremacists," and comparing that to national interest in "Antifa" — the umbrella term for a loose affiliation of anti-fascist activists, which has been appropriated by Trump and Fox News and turned into shorthand for a fictional group of highly-organized Black Bloc terrorists funded and trained by George Soros, the Democratic Party, and the "Deep State."

You can see similar results on Fox News:

Or on Twitter searches:

There's one, clear takeaway from any of this; and certainly, correlation is not causation. But it is interesting to note how no one gave a crap about "Antifa" until the very, very recent Trump propaganda campaign.

Image: Rete degli Studenti Medi Massa / Flickr (CC 2.0)