Austin public library employee accused of stealing at least $1.5 million in printer toner

An Austin Public Library employee is accused of using a library credit card to fraudulently buy at least 1.5 million dollars worth of printer toner and selling it online, reports KENS 5:

The investigation found that [Randall] Whited allegedly bought at least $1.5 million worth of printer toner between October 2007 and July 2019. The city auditor estimated that APL would have needed about $150,000 worth of printer toner during this time period. Investigators reached out to the toner reseller Whited was allegedly selling to, but could not determine how much he profited from the sales because they could not provide payment records.

According to the report, Whited repeatedly arrived more than 30 minutes earlier than he was allowed. His supervisor instructed him to not arrive at work earlier due to insufficient supervision during those early hours. The auditor office showed a screenshot of security camera video taken on one of those days which allegedly shows Whited taking printer toner from his office to the parking garage where his car was parked (above).