Color e-ink reader reviewed

What does The Verge make of the PocketBook Color, the first readily-available color e-ink reader? It's "the best screen yet," writes Sam Byford, but a bit too small and not so good for black and white text. The Pocketbook store doesn't have a great English selection, either.

ColorColor E Ink isn't quite there yet. Even though the PocketBook Color is the best device of its kind to date, it's hard to recommend over traditional e-readers unless you know what you want to read on it, considering it's almost twice the price of a Kindle Paperwhite. Do you have a 6-inch e-reader already and often use it for things that you wish you could read in color? This might be worth checking out. Are you waiting for a perfect comic-reading device? This isn't it.

I don't think Kaleido in its current form is the technology that's going to take color E Ink mainstream, but it's getting there.

One of those things we've been wanting for years! And now there it is, and it's just OK—like a 1980s newstand comic book. We really need something about the size of a floppy, i.e. 10" or thereabouts, for color e-ink to be a worthwhile upgrade.

I write "readily available" but it's not like you can grab one at Best Buy. It should show up sooner or later on PocketBook's Newegg page, which appears to be the only official U.S. retailer. They're knocking around on eBay for $280 if you want one right now. German buyers rejoice, for it is already there.