Pabst Blue Ribbon launches cannabis seltzer

Only in California: Pabst Blue Ribbon Original Cannabis-Infused Seltzer. Fortunately, it is free of alcohol, which is reported to have psychoactive effects.

From NPR:

The new seltzer is non-alcoholic, but it contains 5mg of THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, along with purified water, lemon concentrate, sugar and other flavors. It's now being sold in cannabis dispensaries, costing $24 for a four-pack. The seltzer is also sold online, with delivery possible in Los Angeles, Sacramento, the Bay Area, and Humboldt County.

Pabst Labs is run by former PBR employees. Their connections eased the path to put the Pabst brewery's name on cans that promise a different kind of buzz to PBR consumers.