Make a small, single serving Fudgie the Whale

Want a whale of a cake, but sized just for you? Mary Elizabeth Williams of Salon has got you covered. An east coast native, she longed for the "innocent cheer" that only a Carvel ice cream cake can offer. But, she didn't want to invest in an entire cake for herself. So she adapted a Fudgie the Whale recipe and made it a single serving size. A whale calf of a cake?

Working from an Uber Eats video that deconstructs the famous Fudgie and a recipe from Sarah Hearts, I've discovered one can easily put together a dessert that efficiently evokes the spirit — if not the exact iconic shape — of the Carvel classic. Best of all, homemade means custom made, so my baby whale is just straight up chocolate ice cream and Oreo crumbs, no vanilla necessary. You can make yours with any combination of your own favorite flavors. The only hard part will be summoning the patience to wait for it to firm up.

Recipe and photo on Salon.

screengrab via tommyjames44/Carvel/YouTube