Wirecutter recommends a wire cutter

Wirecutter remains the best place1 for comparison shopping gadgets, tools and appliances. In 2018, it finally rounded up actual wire cutters to determine the best model, settling on the Channelock Diagonal Pliers [Amazon]

far better than its competitors during our tests, managing tough jobs that the other wire cutters struggled with. The wide, padded handles—a surprisingly rare feature among wire cutters—eased hand strain during difficult repetitive cutting. The durability is outstanding as well.

This is truly an area where ordering something in particular is much better than grabbing whatever cheap thing is on-hand at the big-box store. Plier-type tools are invariably put to all sorts of bizarre uses, but the cheap ones are only good for the most obvious.

1. With the possible exception of googling the item or category in question with the word "reddit" added to the search query.