People are treating this 3D home tour like a videogame

The house for sale at 8800 Blue Lick Rd in Louisville, Kentucky has become something of a video game. Exploring the 3D tour of the home, packed to the brim with stuff, is a wonderful adventure. Over at Waxy, Andy Baio interviewed the owner:

Some called it the best game of 2020, praising its environmental storytelling. Some starting doing speedruns to find the bathtub, in three different categories.

People starting sharing their findings in forums and multiple viral Twitter threads, some doing extended walkthroughs on YouTube and Twitch. Some fans made scavenger hunt checklists. One game developer ported it to VRChat.

But a larger question remained: what's the deal with this place? Whoever owned it, they were too organized to be hoarders. The home appeared to double as the office and warehouse for an internet reseller business, but who sells a house crammed floor-to-ceiling with retail goods?

Internet sleuths unearthed several news articles from 2014, outlining how police discovered thousands of stolen items being sold online during a raid at the address, the result of a four-year investigation resulting in criminal charges for four family members living and working at the house.

But it didn't add up. If they were convicted for organized crime, why was there still so much inventory in the house, with products released as recently as last year? Why is it still packed full while they're trying to sell it?

"The House on Blue Lick Road" (Waxy)