Assailant of actor Rick Moranis turns out to be serial puncher

Fans of the Canadian actor Rick Moranis (Ghostbusters, Spaceballs, Honey, I Shrunk The Kids) were horrified to learn that the 67 year-old actor was punched in the head last month in New York City. Could somebody possibly have it out for Moranis, a.k.a. Ghostbusters' Key Master? It turns out that his attacker has a history of randomly striking strangers in public. No evidence showed that he stalked Moranis to clock him one in the coconut, displeased with his Dark Helmet performance in Spaceballs or some other sort of vexation.

AP News:

At a Manhattan Criminal Court hearing on Sunday, prosecutors said Marquis Ventura, 35, is charged in five assaults on strangers that took place in the last six months, the New York Post reported.

Ventura allegedly attacked the owner of a liquor store in Soho hours after he punched Moranis in the face on Oct. 1 in what police called a "random, unprovoked assault."

It is a relief knowing that one of the McKenzie Brothers is not in anyone's cross-hairs.