Kyle Rittenhouse released from jail after paying $2 million cash bond, with help from the MyPillow CEO

Kyle Rittenhouse — the Antioch, Illinois teenager who killed 2 people and severely injured another during after-curfew militia actions after a protest against police brutality in Kenosha, Wisconsin back in August 2020 — has just been released from jail after paying his $2 million cash bond. As Rittenhouse's lawyer tweeted:

Mike Lindell is the CEO of the notoriously scammy MyPillow, who also recently pushed an unproven coronavirus cure. He has previously said that Donald Trump is "the most amazing president this country has ever seen in history." Back in March, Minnesota police were called in to deal with "deranged person hugging a pillow," which turned out to just be a cardboard cutout of Lindell. Cool.

A Christian crowdfunding site had previously tried to fundraise for Rittenhouse's bail, bringing in $300,000 in the first few days after the shooting.

Dominick Black, who provided the gun that Rittenhouse used to kill 2 people and injure others, has also been charged with with two counts of intentionally providing a dangerous weapon to a minor, resulting in death. The underage Rittenhouse used his coronavirus stimulus check to buy the gun from Black. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has a robust account of the conversations between the two friends.

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