Create your own fully-rendered CGI fantasy monsters with Google AI

The Google AI team just launched a new project called Chimera Painter, which uses a model trained on machine learning to transform basic digital Paintings of fantasy creatures into fully rendered CGI monsters.

Or well, kind of.

Here's how Google describes the project:

Chimera Painter is a demo that lets you run wild by drawing out creature shapes that become fully fleshed out by our CreatureGAN machine learning model, which was trained on hundreds of thousands of 2D renders of 3D creature models. You only tell the model about the body parts in your creature and watch as it decides how to finish it for you. Painting is a highly creative, iterative process. What can we create when we start thinking about machine learning as a paintbrush?

There's more details on the work behind-the-scenes over at the Google AI blog. You can also check out this demo to create your own weird monstrosities. Combine this with the latest D&D expansion, Tasha's Cauldron of Everything, and you've already got a ton of new material for your next campaign!

Using GANs to Create Fantastical Creatures [Google AI]