Here's what a $1.5 million guitar sounds like

An auction house called up Music Is Win with an amazing chance to play Eric Clapton's "Slowhand" 1954 Fender Stratocaster. From the auction house:

It appears that Clapton first used it on stage circa 1979-1980 to play his opening numbers "Tulsa Time" and "Early in the Morning" in the set list for his 1979 tour. Clapton needed a guitar set-up for slide playing for both of these songs, and for both the guitar was tuned in open G, one of his favorite tunings for playing slide.

With serial number 7431, next date and initials T-G-54 in pencil, sunburst finish, maple neck with skunk stripe routing, twenty-one fret fingerboard with dot inlay, three pickups, three rotary controls, five-way selector switch, tailpiece with adjustable saddles and white pickguard; and a tweed rectangular hard-shell case with red plush lining and Lee Dickson's handwritten adhesive paper label " '54 S/Burst Fender Strat #7431; case containing strap.

Image: YouTube / Music Is Win