Long-missing John Lennon guitar from "Help!" found in attic

John Lennon played a 12-string Framus "Hootenanny" acoustic guitar in the movie "Help!"  George Harrison used it on Norweigan Wood. It later disappeared for almost sixty years but was recently rediscovered in an attic in the UK and will soon go up for auction. 

From Julian's Auctions

By the mid to late 60s, the famous Framus was in the possession of Gordon Waller of Peter & Gordon, who later gave the Hootenanny 12-string guitar to their road managers. It was recently discovered in an attic in the rural British countryside where it had lain forgotten and unplayed for over 50 years. The homeowners found the guitar in the midst of their move and contacted Julien's Auctions. Executive Directors and Founders, Darren Julien and Martin Nolan, traveled to the UK and immediately recognized that this was indeed the storied Help! guitar. While on the premises, they also discovered the Framus' original guitar case – a Maton Australian-made guitar case (photo left) that can also be seen in photos taken of the Beatles in 1965 – in the trash and rescued it (photo left & right: Beatles Book Photo Library).

They threw the case in the trash! That was almost a very costly piece of trash. 

Another of John Lennon's guitars sold for $2.4 million in 2015, so I can't imagine how much this one will go for. 

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