Enjoy this mix of hip-hop songs performed in the style of medieval ballads

Beedle the Bardcore performs covers of modern day hip-hop songs, in the style of medieval ballads. Just in case Postmodern Jukebox doesn't have enough lutes and bards and pennywhistles to please your ancient ears.

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Greetings and good will to all people, from the royal castles to the streets and taverns!

I, Beedle The Bardcore, doth humbly present my musical renditions for thine enjoyment. I ask nothing of you in return but should thou take pleasure from my merry tunes and be inclined to support me in my endeavours, you can buy this thirsty troubadour a flagon of ale or a hot meal by becoming a patron. 

I still hath love for the streets, please help me to continue to serenade them.