This STAR WARS visual timeline compared to real world years is blowing my mind

Twitter user Rik Villanueva of the Jammed Transmissions Star Wars podcast posted this, and it's absolutely blowing my mind.

In other words: the Star Wars saga (or at least, the Skywalker saga) is basically just the lifespan of a Baby Boomer.

In some ways, this makes the radical changes in that universe (people just forgot about the Jedi?!) seem even more absurd. On the other…I mean, I guess a lot of major changes have happened in, say, my dad's lifetime. And people have been just as quick to forget things like the Civil Rights Movement and made-up nuclear weapons in Iraq. Also, the folks born just before the fall of the Empire in the late 1980s would have absolutely grownup in ignorance before being radicalized just in time for the sequel trilogy, that tracks.

I'm not sure which part of this is melting my brain more.

Image: Public Domain via PxHere