Children's television show about a man with a giant penis

From the country that brought you a theme park featuring a dog fart rollercoaster comes "John Dillermand", a Denmark public television children's series featuring a man with a long, snaking, uncontrollable penis. Even though Dillermand ("Penis-Man") tries to use his penis for good – walking dogs, putting out fires, rescuing babies – his plans usually wind up backfiring and get him into trouble.

Lo and behold, some critics object to a children's series about a man with a huge renegade penis. Is it responsible messaging to showcase a man who cannot control his genitals? The network fired back that it was about "body diversity," an imaginative spin that made me snort aloud.

Even though I don't speak Danish, I personally found the low budget stop motion and goofy scenarios to be exceedingly charming. If I were a Danish child, I would almost assuredly be Dillermand's #1 fan.