Wote Street Willy is a statue widely mistaken for a private part

Wote Street Willy is a statue [Atlas Obscura] in Basingstoke, England, which is widely mistaken for a private part. According to Atlas Obscura, the statue was "erected in 1994" and has been making passerbyers do a double take ever since.

The sculptor of the artwork, Michael Peglar, originally intended to portray a child being protected by their praying mother. Peglar simply wanted to provide a sense of serenity amongst the chaos of the busy street, but instead has provided 25 years full of giggles, which I would argue is equally (if not more) valuable. From Atlas Obscura:

"Due to its accidental resemblance to the male genitalia, the sculpture caused controversy and prompted discussions within the community. Unfazed, Peglar acknowledges the local nickname for his sculpture and emphasizes that interpretations of art are subjective and personal. He stated, "I don't have any problem with the name Wote Street Willy – I think it's nice. It shows the people of the town have adopted the sculpture as their own."

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