Grown Caucasian woman throws tantrum on train in Taiwan when asked to wear a mask

The outraged tantrums some Americans throw when told to wear a mask are embarrassing enough when they take place in America. But when thrown in another country, it's cringe-worthy. The entitled woman in this video, who I assume is an American by her behavior and accent, is on a train in Taiwan. She screams and cries like an emotional teenager when asked to properly wear her mask. I applaud the patience of the people who are trying to deal with her.

From Daily Dot:

According to the China Post, the woman had a meltdown after someone reported her for failing to wear a mask as she slept on the way to Taichung. Authorities on the train got involved and asked her to wear a mask.

She did, but she put it on backward and couldn't seem to keep it over her nose—both additional frustrations to those around her.

Early on in the video, the so-called "Karen in Taiwan," as she has been labeled, yells at another passenger who attempts to explain to her why wearing the mask backward doesn't work.

"I'm wearing the mask! Just leave me alone!" the woman says multiple times…

The woman acted as if she would have no problem following the rules if she had been asked in a specific way. But SETN reports that people in Taiwan immediately recognized the woman as a foreigner working in Taichung as an English teacher—and say that she's caused trouble like this before.

The woman was finally ordered off the train.