"Ask Croz," life advice from David Crosby

If you follow legendary musician David Crosby on Twitter, "unrestrained" is likely a word that comes to mind for how he conducts himself there. He does not mince words as he expresses his strong opinions about current events and the music biz, or responds with brutal honesty when musicians send him their music and ask what he really thinks.

This unfiltered intensity gave Rolling Stone an idea and Ask Croz was born. As he says in one of the episodes, when RS asked him to do this video advice column, his response was "Why would anyone want to listen to me?" "That's why it's funny," they replied.

I watched Ask Croz expecting to winch and gasp and laugh my way through them. But they're actually surprisingly thoughtful, compassionate (in a bracingly honest and direct way), and wise. I'm not sure they're the comedy gold The Stone was after, but I found them enjoyable.

Image: YouTube