New Zealand Maori leader Rawiri Waititi ejected from parliament chamber for wearing a Maori greenstone pendant instead of a necktie

New Zealand's parliament said Maori leader Rawiri Waititi had to wear a necktie in the chamber. When he wore a traditional hei-tiki pendant instead, he was ejected from the chamber.

After news of the incident spread internationally, embarrassed members of parliament quickly changed the rule without saying anything in the way of an apology.

From The New York Times:

By Wednesday afternoon, a temporary truce appeared to be in place when Mr. Mallard, the House speaker, allowed Mr. Waititi to ask questions in Parliament without a tie around his neck.

Later that evening, Mr. Mallard announced that the tie rule was no more.

"The committee did not reach a consensus, but a majority of the committee was in favor of removing the requirement," Mr. Mallard wrote in a statement. He concluded: "As Speaker, I am guided by the committee's discussion and decision, and therefore ties will no longer be considered required as part of 'appropriate business attire.'"