What else happens in the "blink of an eye"?

John D. Boswell, better known as Melodysheep, brings us a visually-stunning illustration of the things that can happen in a fraction of a second across the known universe.

When we look up at night, the universe seems pretty quiet. But that perspective is an illusion; in reality, there are millions of world-shattering events happening every instant across the cosmos. This short film explores just how much is going on every moment in our ridiculously enormous universe.

In the fraction of a second it takes to blink your eyes, thousands of stars will be born, hundreds will explode and die, millions of planets will form, and our universe will expand by half a million kilometers in diameter.

When you put it that way, it makes one's individual world seem kind of small and insignificant. But since our own is really the only perspective we have, keep blinking. You don't want your eyes to dry out.

[via Laughing Squid]