Gentleman purposely coughs on police and gets four months in the pokey

A gentleman in Denmark shouted "Corona!" while purposely coughing at two police officers during a routine traffic stop. This was last March, when Denmark was in a strict Covid lockdown. Today he found out his clever gag landed him four months in prison.

From Reuters:

The incident, which took place when the country was under full coronavirus lockdown, led to the defendant being arrested on charges of threatening behaviour, although he later tested negative for COVID-19.

English and Welsh police forces registered 200 incidents a week of spitting or coughing at officers – usually preceded by the offenders saying they were infected, an investigation last April by British daily The Telegraph found.

Of course his shenanigans are a popular caper in the US as well. Covid has brought out the idiocy in many people. The following gentleman and Karens are just but a few of the many examples:

And the run-of-the-mill Karen:

Image by: James Gathany, Brian Judd, USCDCP / Pixnio