Trevor Noah shows us how Texas is converting the GOP's hatred of AOC into an amazing new energy source

Texas has screwed up. It's been three days of no power for millions of people during freezing temperatures, and of course the blame falls right in the laps of their angry GOP "each man for themselves" style of (non)leadership. And yet they are blaming AOC and the Green New Deal! In fact, there is so much toxic anger toward her (a tad less since the blessed passing of Rush Limbaugh, but still plenty to go around) that scientists have come up with a way to harness this energy to power all of Texas (but no further than the Texas border, so back off!).

Trevor Noah introduces this breakthrough technology, "that might just solve Texas' energy problems forever," with this Texas Energon PSA (8:23). Phew, thank goodness for the likes of hot-headed Tucker Carlson et al!