The U.S. locks up far more people than any other nation. Check out this incredible infographic

To get a feel for what it means to have 2.3 million Americans jailed or imprisoned, start scrolling through this infographic.

As you scroll, the infographic presents some facts:

There are more incarcerated people than members of almost any profession. There are more incarcerated people than military personnel. There are more incarcerated people than bus drivers, bar tenders, and hair dressers combined.

More Americans are incarcerated today than there have been Americans killed in all of the wars in all of history combined.

Almost all accused people are extorted into taking plea bargains under the threat of a longer sentence, the ruinous cost of mounting a defense, and the wildly under-resourced public defender system.

One quarter of incarcerated Americans have not even been convicted of a crime. Instead, they are mostly held in pre-trial detention, usually due to the high cost of cash bail.

About 1 in 3 black men will go to prison at some point in his life. Not jail, prison.

This was created by the same person who made the eye-opening Wealth Shown to Scale.