The hilarious himbo leftist heroes BEEF BROS are back with new graphic novel

In the fall of 2020, comic creators Aubrey Sitterson and Tyrell Cannon launched their "aspirational leftist superhero comic," BEEF BROS, a delightful hilarious tale of two super dudes who lift weights and fight cops and evil landlords. That first issue was a genuine LOLfest of beefy muscle action and wacky leftist humor — and now, they're back for more!

The duo just announced a Kickstarter campaign for a double-sized graphic novel follow-up, Beef Bros Behind Bros, which sees our heroes Huey & Ajax Beef take on the carceral state and the prison-industrial complex and the entirety of the carceral state. Did I mention one of the reward tiers is a dope-ass Beef Bros fanny pack?

Here's the official setup:

In the beginning, superheroes were all about protecting the little guy, gal, or nonbinary pal from brutal, exploitive systems and hierarchies. But somewhere that got lost, as capes went from populist defenders of the working class to glorified supercops. These days, most superhero comics are all about defending the status quo, not to mention the flat-out reactionary takes on the genre!

The solution? BEEF BROS, an eye-searing, gonzo comic about Huey and Ajax Beef, a pair of neighborhood heroes willing to brawl with the systems and hierarchies keeping us all down, not because of any complicated college-boy theorizing, but because helping people out is simply the right thing to do.

Imagine Noam Chomsky's Heroes for Hire meeting Peter Kropotkin's Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. It's an anarcho-communist take on superheroes with politics so radical that the big, corporate-owned publishers would never touch it. That's why we need your help. Become a BEEFER today!

And some preview pages, if you're not quite sold yet (fanny pack!):