French actress strips nude on stage at film awards show in protest

Corinne Masiero, a French actress took to the stage at the César awards, France's Oscars equivalent, wearing a blood-stained donkey costume. Her protest of the continued closures of French theaters and cinemas due to Covid-19 did not stop there. Masiero shocked the audience when she removed her donkey garb and was wearing nothing underneath but 2 messages written on her person. Her torso read "No culture, no future" and her back said "give us back art, Jean!" Masiero is referring to French Prime Minister Jean Castex.

If you're interested in seeing her strip down, and you have also recently brushed up on your French here's the clip with full nudity.

Corinne Masiero is not alone in her grievance with the government shut downs.

via BBC:

Several theatres were occupied on Friday in at least nine cities, while sit-ins at the Odeon Theatre on the Left Bank in Paris entered their eighth day.

Last December, hundreds of actors, theatre directors, musicians, film technicians and critics, and many others from the world of French culture protested in Paris and other cities against the government's shutdown of culture venues.

"My children can go to Zara but not the cinema… it's incomprehensible," said Stephane Demoustier as he picked up the César for best screenplay for "The Girl With a Bracelet".

I should probably resist the urge to comment on the French Covid situation but instead I will say to Mr. Demoustier that no one is shoving pop corn into their open, exhaling mouth in a Zara. I know, I'm drawing from American customs and applying it to the French. Maybe there IS a giant popcorn machine in every Zara, and maybe no one eats or drinks anything when they go to the movies in France. But if it's closer to what the U.S. does, eating and drinking for a couple of hours in an indoor space is not the same as everyone wearing masks in a clothing store.

I'm for art and culture too, but I favor the not dying and not spreading part a little more. Hopefully they can find a solution in between. Outdoor movies? Masks on and no food and drink in theaters?