Marilyn Hartman, stowaway extraordinaire, arrested for 22nd time

How is there not a movie about this woman??

69-year-old Marilyn Hartman was arrested at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport on Tuesday, just two weeks after a plea deal for a previously attempted stowaway was rejected.

Hartman granted CBS 2 Chicago's Brad Edwards her very first in-depth interview last October and the piece aired over the weekend.

From CBS 2 Chicago:

In those several phone calls and letters with Edwards, Ms. Hartman had a warmth about her, was contemplative. She wrote of the inequities, Jim Crow- like in jail.

She's currently out of jail on electronic monitoring and on a steady diet of counseling and daily meds.

Edwards noted: "So, you've had a hell of a life."

"Yeah, it's been. It has been," she answered.

Edwards asked, "Would you consider yourself fascinating?"

"Yes I would under the circumstances … and I downplay it, Brad, I don't. Yeah," she said.

Hartman never did an in-depth interview "… Until I was confident that I wouldn't take an illegal flight again," she said.


Harmon is being held without bail and is expected to face felony escape charges.