Vermont robber flees by foot, bike, tractor, kayak, paddle board, and sailboat before his arrest

An armed robbery suspect in Vermont gave police a run for their money — on foot, bicycle, tractor, sailboat, kayak, and even by paddle board — before he ran out of getaway cars and was finally caught.

The elusive 52-year-old, Eric Edson, allegedly began his two-week-long adventure on August 24, when he robbed a store in Burlington and sped off in a car, according to HuffPost. When police found him six days later passed out in the same car, he woke up and assaulted the cops before speeding away, later stealing a bike, and then even later stealing a sailboat, etcetera etcetera. Over the next week, he cycled through the various modes of transportation mentioned above, eluding police until just yesterday.

"Because of the unusualness of Mr. Edson's various modes of flight, from cars to bikes to paddle boards to sailboats to tractors, it's easy to lose sight of the fact that Mr. Edson is a dangerous person," said Burlington Police Chief Jon Murad.

From HuffPost:

That evening, he fled police on foot and then on a stolen bicycle before stealing a sailboat on Lake Champlain, police said. Edson was intercepted by the Coast Guard. But after the sailboat ran aground at the base of lakeside cliffs, he fled, authorities said.

Vermont State Police received a tip Thursday that he was spotted in a kayak on the Lamoille River in Georgia, Vermont, about 21 miles (33 kilometers) away from Burlington. Edson landed the kayak, ran away and then jumped into the river and swam to the southern shore, where he was arrested by troopers and game wardens, police said.

Edson's arraignment is supposed to take place today.