Pilot recorded delivering a crazy, curse-filled rant against the Bay Area

A pilot was recorded delivering this crazed, curse-filled rant against the Bay Area as he flew over the Mineta San Jose International Airport. From SFGATE:

"F—king weirdos, probably driving around in f—king Hyundais, f—king roads and s—t that go slow as f—k," and, "You don't have balls unless you're f—king rolling coal, man, goddamn it."

Live ATC, [a site that livestreams air traffic control audio], confirmed the authenticity of the recording, but not which pilot or airline might have been involved. "We can neither confirm nor verify who made those comments," a company representative wrote in an email.

In a statement, FAA spokesperson Ian Gregor wrote, "FAA regulations prohibit airline pilots from talking about subjects that are unrelated to safely conducting their flight while taxiing and while flying below 10,000 feet altitude."