Lil Nas X trolls evangelicals with satanic panic

Recording artist Lil Nas X announced a limited edition of "Satan Shoes", unofficially-customized Nikes containing "a drop of human blood", after posting a music video to match in which the star performs a lapdance for the devil itself.

American conservatives flew instantly into full-scale satanic panic. After four years of self-destructive support of Trump—and abandoning even the pretence of respect for human life during the Covid pandemic—they're keen to reestablish control of an exhausted and indifferent flock. Here's one Republican governor losing it on Twitter:

For Nas, the likes of Noem are easy work on social media. But he underestimates conservatives—and the bottomless willingness of "liberal" media to pander to them—at his (secular) peril.

The shoes drop today at 11 a.m. EST.