UK rollout for sweat-testing ankle bands to enforce alcohol bans

Big Brother is licking you. Sweat monitors (aka scram cams) are ankle bands that monitor the wearer's sweat for alcohol, to enforce court-ordered abstinence. They're rolling them out nationwide in the UK in a bid to tackle booze-related crime.

Under the scheme, courts will be able to hand out "alcohol abstinence orders" to offenders who commit crimes fuelled by alcohol. These can require the offender to abstain from alcohol for up to four months and wear the electronic tag to monitor compliance. Policing and Crime Minister Kit Malthouse said the tags were a "powerful new tool" to combat alcohol-fuelled violence and help steer offenders away from "bad habits".

Scram systems boasts of 804k people monitored for an average of 105 days, 99.2% of them sober.